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Project Assessment


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It includes the independent and impartial evaluation of the project proposals by the relevant grant authorities for Independent External Expert Assessment and the submission of the findings to the relevant grant authority. General evaluation criteria are as follows:

  • Relevancy; Effectivenes; Impact; Productivity; Sustainability
  • Consistency / Complementarity; Added Value

Within the scope of the evaluation by signing the Impartiality & Confidentiality Agreement, our project evaluation services are as follows:


Independent Project Evaluation Service for Institutions Organizational R&D Capacity Measurement

Innovation Capability (Index) Measurement

Independent External Expert Evaluation of Investment Plans Venture Capital Valuation

Economic/Financial Feasibility Assessment in Investment Projects

Independent Evaluation Services for Grant Programs

  • Project Review (Ckeck-up) Service Before Project Application
  • Implementation Phase / Monitoring Process Project Control
  • Post Implementation (Ex-Post) Evaluation Service for EU Programs and Other Fund Support Programs
Performance Indicators

 National/Regional Project Assessment 

 264 Projects 

 991,5 Days 

 Project Writing Training 

 2.349 Organizations 

 Project Writing Training 

 194 Projects 

 EU Project Assessment 

 87 Projects 

 Project Mentorship 

 6.733 Persons 

 Project Writing Training 

 6.278 Hours 

 Project Writing Training 

Face-to-Face or remote digital consulting in their businesses with customized consultants: Project 2.0 Consulting. Your innovative ideas need to be concentrated on them and mature. As your Project 2.0 Consultant in your short / medium / long term project journey, our consultancy services to bring you to this success:


Grant Agreement Signing Process & Implementation

Interim & Final Report Preparation for Grant Projects

Strategic Plan & Business Plan Preparation 

Feasibility Report Preparation for TechnoINVESTMENT

Project Feasibility & Economic/Financial Feasibility Preparation

R&D and Design Centers 

Feasibility Report Preparation for Investment Projects

Project Coordination Service (Outsourced Project Management)

Project Proposal Writing & Application Form Preparation for Regional, National and EU Fund Bodies

  • TUBITAK TEYDEB 1507-1501-1505 Programs
  • Horizon 2020 & Horizon EUROPE Program
  • EUREKA ve Eurostars-2 Program
  • Erasmus 2021-2027 Program
  • CFCU (Central Finance & Contracts Unit)
  • EaSI Program
  • KOSGEB Programs
  • Regional Development Agencies Fund Support Programs in Turkey
  • EU BlackSea CBC Black Sea Basin 2014-2020 Program

Project 2.0 Consultancy


Face2Face + Remote + Webinar

Project Writing Training


Face2Face + Webinar

Our project writing trainings for regional, national and international grant programs with the Project Cycle Management (PCM) technique are given by our experienced experts face-to-face or online with Webinar. Before the training, we determine the target audience and finalize the content of the training. After the training, we prepare the training evaluation report and analyze the impact of the training. Our training activities supported by applied group work & Hackathon Method are carried out on:


Trainings for R&D and Innovation Ecosystem

  • TUBITAK TEYDEB 1507-1501-1505 & KOSGEB Programs 
  • Horizon 2020 & Horizon EUROPE Program
  • EUREKA & Eurostars-2 Program
  • Erasmus 2021-2027 Program

Training for Regional Development Agencies Grant Program

Training for Project Cycle Management (PCM)

Training for CFCU (Central Finance & Contracts Unit) Programs

EU BlackSea CBC Black Sea Basin 2014-2020 Program

Training for Grant Programs Contract Signing & Implementation

Training for Independent Project Evaluation

Training for Strategic Planning & Strategic Plan Preparation

Training for Business Plan Preparation

Training for Economic/Financial Feasibility Report Preparation on Investment Projects

Training for Feasibility Report Preparation for TechnoINVESTMENT

Training for Project Feasibility Preparation

Project Mentorship


Face2Face + Webinar

As a new method in project development, our experienced experts provide mentoring support to our customers to design and plan their own innovative ideas. With the guidance of our Project Mentor, experiences gained from the past years are transferred to our customers without the need for them to be experienced again. Thus, the great time to be lost and the high cost will be left to our customers. Our mentoring services are:


Regional Development Agencies Grant Programs 

Grant Programs Contract Signing & Implementation

Independent Project Evaluation

Mentorship of the Review of Strategic Plans

Mentoring for Preparing Feasibility Report for TechnoINVESTMENT 

Investment Project Economic/Financial Feasibility Preparation

Our Mentoring Services in R&D and Innovation Ecosystem 

  • TUBITAK TEYDEB 1507-1501-1505 Programs
  • Horizon 2020 & Horizon EUROPE Programs
  • EUREKA & Eurostars-2 Program
  • Erasmus 2021-2027 Program
  • KOSGEB Programs
  • Regional Development Agencies Fund Support Programs
 Impact Analysis on iremC Added-Value ROP* 


*ROP: Results Oriented Project (Analysis Date: 31 December 2020)

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